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Top 10 Reasons To Hire a Professional Photographer

  1. Post Processing – Professional Retouching, means we remove blemishes and soften under your eyes. Keeping your photographs NATURAL and looking like the best you.

  2. Attention to Detail –Down to the smallest detail in the way you hold your fingers or the placement of the clasp on your necklace, your professional photographer is aware of ‘the small things’.

  3. Prospective - Your photographer will bring a new perspective! Creating a relationship with your photographer allows them to see you in unique ways that perhaps family and friends do not. They will offer suggestions and solutions that you haven’t seen and this will result in images that you may not have thought to capture.

  4. Studio Option – Not only do professional photographers know how to photograph outside and with natural light but also inside with professional lighting.

  5. Prints – You are paying money for high quality images. These will be heirloom quality and will be passed down for generations.

  6. Lighting – What you know matters! Phil, Main, Hair and Back are all good friends of professional photographers! Make sure your photographer knows all of these and HAS all of these!

  7. Location, Location, Location – We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world (Colorado Springs)! A professional is going to know how to use the light (or cloud cover) to get the most breathtaking photographs of your location. You will know a professional when they can capture your beauty and the natural beauty of the surrounding areas.

  8. Quality and Knowledge of Equipment – While anyone with a large enough pocketbook can purchase the same equipment your professional uses, it is how the equipment is used that will make the most difference in your images.

  9. Rule Breaker - Once you know the rules, you know how to break them. Everyone likes the ‘blown’ look of back lighting, but occasionally you really love the image and wish you could see the details in the face. A professional is going to give you both options.

  1. Guarantee -100% Money Back Guarantee

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