When should my baby be photographed?

The milestones of childhood can never be replaced. But they can be captured in portraits that tell the story of a child’s growing up… he or she passes through a series of stages… moving ever closer to adulthood.

Your Baby’s First Year…

At no time during your child’s life will physical changes occur so rapidly. In what seems like the blink of an eye, a tiny, helpless bundle is transformed into and active, robust and inquisitive youngster.

With the many demands that a new baby places on your time, you must be prepared to record those changes, so these precious moments won’t pass you by. Once you and the new baby are home and settled in, it’s not too soon to call for your baby’s first studio appointment. Then the photographer can explain the many charming possibilities for capturing the developmental stages of the first year – when your baby seems to change overnight from a tiny infant to an energetic toddler.

Plan to visit your portrait photographer at least 4 times during your baby’s first year.

At 3 months…. Everything in their world is brand new, they are totally dependent on the important people in their lives, recognizing their family members and they are just beginning to respond to others.

At 6 months… Cuddly, loveable and responsive, yet still dependent. They have strengthened muscles that let them sit up and take a different view in the world around them. Care-free and happy, babies crave attention and delight in having an audience. Portraits around this age are reflect sitting up and seeing the world from a different angle.