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10 Reasons to hire a Professional Photographer for your Wedding.

1. A professional photographer knows wedding

etiquette and wont mess any thing up or miss important events.

2. A PROFESSIONAL will pay attention to the details.

3. Professional equipment - have you ever printed images from your phone or digital camera and been disappointed in the color, quality or focus of your prints?

4. Backup equipment - things break, batteries run out. You don't want this to happen on your BIG day!

5. Liability Insurance

6. Knows proper exposure to make any lighting situation a good one

7. Knows composition and color harmony

8. A professional knows how to do post production so you can see your photographs in the shortest and most efficient amount of time.

9. Has a professional location to meet and discuss details

10. Hiring out maintains harmony in the family - now everyone can enjoy your wedding and stay friends after!

11. Design retouch and deliver a beautiful heirloom wedding album.

12. A professional won't be caught drinking at the bar with your favorite Uncle!

13. A professional will enhance you perfect day and capture memories without disturbing everyone.

14. Allows your friends and family to enjoy the wedding you have worked so hard to plan.

15. A professional photographer will store and care for your digital files, for future orders (5, 10 15 or 20 years from your wedding date).

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