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Top 10 reasons to get together with your photographer before a portrait session?

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Design your own photography session.

1) LOCATION: The most important element in planning your portrait session.

2) Level of Comfort day of session - knowing all of the details ahead of time, feeling confident the photographer will capture exactly what you want, and that the photographer knows all of your needs.

3) CLOTHING: You can discuss the clothing that you will wear that looks the best for your portrait, not just something that you feel good in. Everyone needs to dress head to toe. Decide if you are looking for a casual or formal portrait

4) PROPS (toys or blankets, family animals, car/motorcycle/4wheeler etc.)

5) HAIR & MAKE-UP and SHAVING: Schedule haircuts at least 1 week prior to session. If you don't wear makeup, don't worry about it, if you do wear make-up, put it on as if you were going out for the evening. Shave right before your photo session to alleviate any 5 o'clock shadow.

6) EYE GLASSES & BRACES: Don't worry, we are professionals!

7) INVESTMENT: so there are no surprises the day you view your portraits.

8) RETOUCHING: To determine what needs to be removed or just softened.

9) FRAMING - So it will look the best in your home for decades.


Waldrons Family Studio has been creating professional portraits since 1984. We value our customers and want you to be in love with your final portraits. If you are not absolutely in love with your portraits you don't pay anything.

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